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 CityQuest allows cultural organisations to easily create a quest online, and publish it to a mobile app. 
 Send your visitors around the city to discover items from your collection and the locations they are connected to. 
 Based on hints and media you track down an item, scan the QR code on its location and learn the (hi)story behind it.

Introduction to the training materials

The training materials are composed of three sections:

  • CityQuest getting started: a simple overview of things to keep in mind before creating a CityQuest.
  • CityQuest manual pages: text and screenshots on how to work with the various CityQuest components.
  • CityQuest source code: find out where to get the source code under MIT license.

CityQuest getting started

First time using CityQuest to create a a trip around town? Check the CityQuest Getting started page.
A comprehensive ready-to-print CityQuest manual is also available in PDF-format.

CityQuest manual pages

Online interface

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1. Registration and login
This manual explains how to create a user account or login on the CityQuest online interface website
2. Create new Quest
Explanation of the online interface and components to create a new Quest
3. Manage existing Quest
Manage your existing Quests: change publication status, delete
4. QR code 101
Useful tips on handling the QR code reader and applying the codes on the different locations

Mobile app

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1. Installation instructions
Learn how to install the CityQuest app on your Android or Apple mobile device
2. Loading your CityQuest
This manual tells you how to load the Quest data into the app, or replace the existing Quest with a new one
3. Play a CityQuest
This manual tells you how to navigate through the different steps of a CityQuest and explains all app icons

Get source code

CityQuest is released under the MIT License and is available for free download. You can find the CityQuest code packages on GitHub:

For support or information, contact

Your feedback

We would love to hear your feedback about this tool. A simple online evaluation form is available through this link and will only take two minutes to complete. Your input is very valuable to us and we kindly thank you for taking the time.