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About the project

AthenaPlus is a CIP best practice network started in March 2013 and ending in August 2015. The consortium is composed by 40 partners from 21 Member States countries.

The principal objectives of the AthenaPlus project are to:

  • Contribute more than 3.6 millions metadata records to Europeana, from both the public and private sectors, focusing mainly on museums content, with key cultural stakeholders (ministries and responsible government agencies, libraries, archives, leading research centres, SMEs).
  • Improve search, retrieval and re-use of Europeana’s content, bettering multilingual terminology management, SKOS export and publication tool/API for Content Providers;
  • Experiment with enriched metadata their re-use adapted for users with different needs (tourists, schools, scholars) by means of tools that support the development of virtual exhibitions, tourist and didactic applications, to be integrated into Europeana repositories and the repositories of national aggregators or individual Content Providers.

About this wiki

This wiki is created in the framework of Work Package 5 Creative applications for the re-use of cultural resources. This WP, led by META and PACKED has the objectives to:

  • Analyse, define, configure and develop the software components necessary to enrich metadata for a creative use of the content collected by the AthenaPlus project
  • Develop software systems for facilitating the generation of web and mobile applications developed to employ the AthenaPlus and Europeana content. It will be enriched for its use in different environments, to be selected by the project Partners and tested in WP6, e.g. virtual exhibition, tourism routes, educational packages, etc.

The wiki provides anyone with an interest in the tools that have been developed within the project, with manuals and other training materials. These materials are made available in an open wiki structure in order to allow for easy updating.

The manuals are constructed in such a way that a user is directly pointed to the exact part of the programme or application he/she is planning to work with.

Project management

Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane (ICCU)
Viale Castro Pretorio 105
00185 Roma, Italia
tel 39 06 49210427
fax 39 06 4959302


Contact: Sam Minelli at

Contact: Barbara Dierickx at

  • ICCU - Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane

Contact: Maria Teresa Natale at