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 The eCultureMap has been developed to demonstrate the use and re-use of Europeana, AthenaPlus and other digital
 cultural heritage content, when browsing the content geographically. Currently the map has three main uses: a user may
 find out what cultural content is present on a certain location, plan a cultural route or upload own content.
 A GIS Pilot action resulting in use cases and an application has also been realised.

Introduction to the training materials

The training materials are composed of four main sections:

  • eCultureMap getting started: a simple overview of the possibilities of the tool.
  • eCultureMap manual pages: text and screenshots on how to work with the various tool components. Different manuals are available for the three main use case scenario's of the map tool.
  • eCultureMap incorporation instructions: find out how to embed the map on your own platforms/channels.
  • the AthenaPlus GIS Pilot developments

eCultureMap getting started

First time using eCultureMap? Check the background information on the eCultureMap Getting started page.
The map is available at

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You can also find here the link to a short video explaining some of the features of the eCultureMap.
A comprehensive ready-to-print eCultureMap manual is also available in PDF-format.

eCultureMap manual pages

The manual pages describe the three main use cases of the eCultureMap, plus some specific functionalities:

1. Locate the content
What cultural content can be found on a certain location?
2. Plan a cultural route
Plan a cultural route
3. Upload your own content
Upload your own cultural content
4. Map functionalities
Information on some added functionalities to the map interface

Incorporating the eCultureMap to your website

The use of the eCultureMap is free for all. You can embed the map or some specific features on your own channels or platforms. Click on the incorporation tutorial page to find out more.

Anyone can register to use the full functionality of the eCultureMap. In order to obtain login information, write an e-mail to Franc Zakrajsek.

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AthenaPlus GIS Pilot

The eCultureMap has been the subject of a pilot action in the framework of the AthenaPlus project. Several powerful features have been developed, illustrated by a couple of use cases. The link to the actual pilot implementation of the eCultureMap is available at

The pilot action created the following results:

  • eCultureMap connected with Google Street View
  • Powerful refine search among items on a certain location
  • Three use cases:
  • eCultureMap augumented reality mobile application: you can browse over 2 million cultural objects from the eCultureMap on your mobile device. The application is free for download (Android only).
  • AthenaPlus GIS Pilot APIs: two additional APIs are available for web developers of cultural heritage related portals. The API enables the reuse of eCultureMap data and can be embeded into any webpage and/or mobile application. Contact Franc Zakrajsek for more information.

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Your feedback

We would love to hear your feedback about this tool. A simple online evaluation form is available through this link and will only take two minutes to complete. Your input is very valuable to us and we kindly thank you for taking the time.