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The Search Page Type allows creation of a page to search on the site. The search is done on all text fields of all the pages of MOVIO. Create a new Search Page Type, choosing Search from the Page Types menu.


MOVIO displays a form requesting specification of the following fields:

General fields of the page

  • Title, is the title that the new page will have in the site, the field is already filled in, but it is still editable by the user.
  • URL, is the URL mapping that can be filled out by the user and the purpose is to easily reach a web page by typing this address in the address bar in the browser: <site_address> / <URL_mapping>
NOTE: the URL mapping cannot contain spaces
  • Text, text on the screen explaining the registration procedure

Click on the button
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to save the Search Page Type.

Example of Search page in the front-end

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