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 Schooltrip is a tool that allows students to create their own school journey. Through an online interface the teacher can set 
 a couple of parameters defining the skeleton of the trip. Students fill the template with information on practicalities, 
 cultural heritage sites to visit, historical information, and so on. They learn to plan a travel from a to z, while incorporating
 our cultural heritage. At the end, a journal-like document is generated which can be used as itinerary guidebook.

Introduction to the training materials

The training materials are composed of three main sections:

  • SchoolTrip getting started: a simple overview of things to keep in mind before creating a SchoolTrip.
  • SchoolTrip manual pages: text and screenshots on how to work with the various SchoolTrip components. Different manuals are available for the teacher, or the student using the tool.
  • SchoolTrip source code: find out where to get the source code under MIT license.

SchoolTrip getting started

First time using SchoolTrip to plan your journey? Check the SchoolTrip Getting started page.
A comprehensive ready-to-print SchoolTrip manual is also available in PDF-format.

SchoolTrip manual pages

You are a teacher

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1. Registration and login
This manual explains how to create a user account or login on the SchoolTrip interface
2. Create new SchoolTrip
Explanation of the interface and components to create a new Trip
3. Manage groups and users
Manage groups and the users who have access to your Trip(s)
4. SchoolTrip interactive features (teacher)
Explains the community chatboard feature, notifications and help

You are a student

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1. Login instructions
Learn how to login to your SchoolTrip account
2. Adding the information
This manual tells you how to add the necessary information on your Trip
3. Ordering the information
This manual tells you how to order the info you found into the Journal
4. Finalise your Jounal
In this manual you learn how to complete and style your travel journal
5. SchoolTrip interactive features (student)
All info on the interactive features such as the community chatboard

Installation instructions

SchoolTrip is released under the MIT License and is available for free download. You can find the SchoolTrip code package on GitHub at For support or information, contact

Your feedback

We would love to hear your feedback about this tool. A simple online evaluation form is available through this link and will only take two minutes to complete. Your input is very valuable to us and we kindly thank you for taking the time.