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 Urban Explore is a tool to create and manage mobile apps as touristic and cultural digital guide in the context of 
 collective or solo visits. As a complement to a speaker story (heritage expert, historian, city planner, art professional),
 the mobile app offers an access to the audio-visual history / memory of a place, in an original and emotional way.

Urban Explore getting started

First time using Urban Explore to create a tour? Check the Urban Explore Getting started page.
A comprehensive ready-to-print Urban Explore manual is also available in PDF-format.

Urban Explore manual pages

Online interface

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1. Registration and login
This manual explains how to obtain a user account or login on the Urban Explore online interface website
2. Create new Project
Explanation of the online interface and components to create a new Urban Explore Project
3. Technical architecture
In this part the technical backbone of the interface and application module are explained (for tech users)

Mobile app

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1. Publication and installation instructions
Learn how to generate and install the Urban Explore app on your iPad
2. Navigating the app
This manual tells you how to navigate through the different steps of an Urban Explore tour and explains all app icons

Get source code

Urban Explore is available for free download. You can find the Urban Explore code packages on GitHub.. For support or information, contact contact@urbanexplore.fr.

Your feedback

We would love to hear your feedback about this tool. A simple online evaluation form is available through this link and will only take two minutes to complete. Your input is very valuable to us and we kindly thank you for taking the time.